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Great Classics of French Cinema

Sat 17th and Sun 18th March
six of the best ever films over two days

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Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th March

Six of the all-time greats

Saturday 11:00 LA RÈGLE DU JEU 1939 (PG) - B/W 110 mins (comedy/drama) Jean Renoir
Aviator André Jurieux has just completed a record-setting flight, but is very unhappy that Christine did not come to meet him. André is in love with her, but she is married to aristocrat Robert de la Cheynies. He though, is involved in an affair with Geneviève de Marras, but trying to break it off. André's friend, Octave, gets him an invitation to the country home where Robert and Christine are hosting a party. The guests' cordial greetings however hide their real feelings and secrets, and even some of the servants become involved in the tangled relationships.

Village Voice Film Poll 1999: Second-best film of the century.

Saturday 3:00 LA GRANDE ILLUSION 1937 (U) - B/W 113 mins (drama/war) Jean Renoir
​During WW I, two French officers, Captain De Boeldieu and Lieutenant Marechal are shot down and captured by Captain von Rauffenstein. The former is an aristocrat while Marechal was a mechanic in civilian life. They are ultimately held in a converted fortress commanded by the aristocrat von Rauffenstein but treated differently because of their station. De Boeldieu develops a good relationship with Rauffenstein, but Marechal and fellow prisoner Rosenthal, not receiving aristocracy privileges, long to escape.

National Board of Review, USA 1938: Best French film, top foreign film, best actor - Pierre Fresnay, Jean Gabin.
Saturday 7:30 LES VACANCES DE MONSIEUR HULOT 1953 (U) - B/W 114 mins (comedy) Jaques Tati
​The film follows the generally harmless misadventures of a lovable, gauche Frenchman, Monsieur Hulot, as he joins the newly emerging holiday-taking classes, for a summer vacation at a modest seaside resort. But accidents and misunderstandings always follow him wherever he goes. The peace and quiet of the hotel guests doesn't last very long with M. Hulot around, because although his intentions are good, things always end catastrophically.

National Board of Review, USA 1954: Top foreign film.
Prix Louis Delluc 1953: Jaques Tati.
Sunday 11:00 LE QUAI DES BRUMES 1938 (PG) - B/W 91 mins (crime/drama) Marcel Carné
​Jean is a deserter who arrives at night at Le Havre, looking to leave the country. He obtains some civilian clothes, a little bit of money and a passport (and also finds a dog). He also meets Nelly, a 17-year-old who's grown up too fast. She's the object of lust for men, including boyfriend Maurice, her supposed protector Zabel, and Lucien, a local hood. jean falls for her, faces down Lucien, and helps give Nelly the courage to stand on her own feet. A ship is leaving for Venezuela, can at least one of them be on it, or is it just a dream?
National Board of Review, USA 1939: Best French film, top foreign film, best actor - Jean Gabin, Michel Simon.
Sunday 3:00 LE JOUR SE LÈVE 1939 (PG) - B/W 93 mins (crime/drama) Marcel Carné
​François, a sympathetic factory worker, kills Valentin with a gun then locks himself in his apartment. As the police besiege the place, he begins to reminisce on how he came to be in this predicament, through his love for Françoise, losing her to the charms of Valentin, his affair with Clara, but enduring love for Françoise. Ultimately alone in his room and out of cigarettes, François realizes he has no hope of escape and decides there is nothing to live for.
One of the last French masterpieces of the thirties, forbidden by military censorship during the war for being pessimistic!

Venice Film Festival 1939: Nominated for best foreign film.

Sunday 7:30 LE SALAIRE DE LA PEUR 1953 (PG 14+) - B/W 131 mins (adventure/thriller) Henri-Georges Clouzot
In a desolate South American village there are no jobs to speak of and one day seems to just blend into the next. When a major fire breaks at the oil drilling site, the oil company hires four men to transport highly volatile nitroglycerine over a rough terrain and roads that have been virtually abandoned. The four accept the job because the money they're offered is more than enough to allow them to leave once the job is done. The job is so dangerous however that few people expect them to return alive.
BAFTA's 1955: Best film from any source.
Blue Ribbon Awards 1955: Best foreign film.
April 22nd 7:30 BIENVENUE CHEZ LES CH'TIS 2008 (12A) - colour 106 mins (comedy/romance) Dany Boon
Although living comfortably in the South of France, Julie is depressed. Philippe, her post office administrator husband decides to try, by any means, to obtain a transfer to the French Riviera. He is unfortunately caught while trying to con an inspector and is banished to Bergues in the cold north of France. Leaving his wife behind, he sets off for an area inhabited by hard-drinking rednecks, speaking an incomprehensible dialect called Ch'ti. But before long Philippe realizes that all the stories were based on prejudices and that Bergues is not synonymous with hell.
​Hamburg Film Festival 2008: Winner of audience award - Dany Boon and also at Seville European Fi1m Festival 2008.
May 13th 7:30 DEMAIN 2015 - colour 118 mins (documentary) Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent
​A documentary about the changes needed for a sustainable future. But not one that starts wit doom and gloom images of what lies in store if we don't mend our ways, then ends with a "happy chapter". Not here. The overall tone is realistically optimistic, showing a 5-themed search for examples of projects and persons trying to put each into practice what needs to be done to ensure a resilient future for all of us. Its common-sense attitude especially helps the viewer to relate easily to the (young) film makers. It is definitely "required viewing".

César Awards, France 2016: Best documentary film.

June 10th 7:30 DELICATESSEN 1991 (15)- colour 99 mins (comedy/crime) Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Here is a post-apocalyptic scenario set entirely in a dank and gloomy building where the landlord operates a delicatessen on the ground floor. Living in an otherwise meatless world, the butcher-landlord keeps his customers happy by chopping up unsuspecting victims, and he’s sharpening his knife for the new tenant who’s fallen in love with his short-sighted daughter. She tries to foil her father’s plans by contacting the Troglodytes, a grain eating sub-group of society who live entirely underground.

César Awards, France 1992: Best first work, best screenplay, best production design, best editing


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