Welcome to the website of the Malvern French Film Centre based at the Coach House Theatre, Malvern.

In 2016 the Coach House Theatre in Malvern, was given the title of a Regional Centre for French Cinema by the London based Institut Français du Royaume Uni. The aim was to provide opportunities for the many fans of French cinema in Worcestershire and adjoining counties to attend regular showings of the best French films, both those being made today and the great classics from the past, in proper big screen conditions.

The initiative was given a warm welcome, and at the launch weekend in November 2016 the French Consul from Birmingham, the Mayor of Malvern, and representatives from Malvern Hills District Council came together to wish it well. A programme of over 20 films was shown during the year 2016-17, and a mailing list of nearly two hundred interested people has been built up.

The films shown during 2017-18 were: Les intouchables, Tout en haut du monde, Être et avoir, Le goût des autres, Tous les matins du monde, Tirez sur le pianiste, Bienvenue chez les ch'tis, Demain and Delicatessen. In addition in March we had a weekend of six of the all-time greats, La rêgle du jeu, La grande illusion, Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot, Quai des brumes, Le jour se lève, and Le salaire de la peur.

The programme for 2018-19 is shown on the page 'Film Programme', and instructions on how to book seats are on 'How to book'. There are single films on Sundays in September, October, November, December (a special showing at Malvern Cinema), January, February, April, May and June.

On March 16th-17th a whole weekend of films will be shown, featuring six films about French history. See all the details on the 'Film Programme' page.

​If you would like your name to be added to our Mailing List (so that you receive reminder e-mails as the year goes on, and have a chance to suggest films you would like to see, etc.) please send your name and contact details to: